Vibe Rankings: Bucs dead last in the league in mojo

NFL writer Don Banks ranks the Bucs 32nd and dead last in the league in his Vibe Rankings.
Published July 27, 2018|Updated July 27, 2018

You knew it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for the Bucs with their starting quarterback suspended for the first three games of the season.

But could it really be this bad?

NFL writer Don Banks ranks the Bucs 32nd and dead last in the league in his Vibe Rankings, a reading of each team's "mojo factor" entering training camp.

Banks describes his rankings as "an attempt to divine and quantify how each team is entering camp in terms of a sense of momentum, focus and drive. Combined, of course, with some reasonable expectation of following through and riding those positive vibes to success."

About the Bucs, he writes, "The Bucs made some well-received and respected personnel moves this offseason, and real improvement seemed within reach.

"But all anyone's talking about now is Jameis Winston and his weak act. Whatever the opposite of quality mojo is, the Bucs and Winston personify it."

The Super Bowl champion Eagles are ranked first, followed by the Jaguars —"The Jaguars are good, they know they're good (and keep telling us), and now it's a matter of proving they know how to handle success"— and Rams.

The Falcons, at No. 9, are the highest-ranked NFC South team.

It should be noted that Banks isn't simply a national writer with no interest in or knowledge of the Bucs. Before he became an NFL writer for Sports Illustrated, Banks covered the Bucs for the St. Petersburg Times in the 1990s.