Mark Richt apologizes ‘to anybody who can read lips’ after Orange Bowl outburst

Published December 31 2017

Miami coach Mark Richt apologized "to anybody who can read lips" for his outburst in Saturday's 34-24 Orange Bowl loss to No. 6 Wisconsin.

Richt – widely regarded as one of the nicest coaches in the game – erupted at an official in the second quarter. He grabbed one but avoided an ejection, although he was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

"I know I lost my cool – I thought rightfully so as far as being mad, but not rightfully so using some of the language I used," Richt said. "Not particularly proud of myself there. I apologize to anybody who can read lips."

The Hurricanes' second-year head coach didn't specify what exactly set him off but didn't dispute a question about holding no-calls.

"What do you think?" Richt asked. "Can you guess?"

He did say that he was more upset about non-calls than calls made by the officials, and he said his frustration lasted all game.

"It really was a shame," Richt said, "but I'm probably not supposed to say that."

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