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UCF is really claiming a national championship

Seriously. It's on Twitter and everything.

UCF really is going all in on this national championship thing, huh?

First it was Knights athletic director Danny White with a few words after the Peach Bowl win over Auburn.

Now it's this post, with the school president calling his "undefeated, national champion Knights" an "inspiration."

The name for the official @UCF_Football account? 2017 National Champions, of course.

No major poll or outlet has awarded the Knights a national title. The season isn't even over; Georgia and Alabama meet Monday for the College Football Playoff championship game in Atlanta.

But a Virginia newspaper, the Prince George Journal, has awarded UCF a national title, so there's that, I guess.

This isn't the first time a team has claimed a championship under, uh, interesting circumstances. SBNation has a great list of others' dubious crowns.

Our Tom Jones thinks UCF had nothing more than a "nice little season," but I'm more sympathetic to the Knights' cause. I still won't vote them No. 1 on my AP ballot – more on that later – but I don't like a system where a team finishes undefeated but has no chance to win it all.

I wonder what USF would have done, if the Bulls had finished undefeated but were snubbed from the College Football Playoff…