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Pi Kappa Phi fraternity shuts down its FSU chapter after pledge death

Andrew Coffey, a 20-year-old Florida State student and Pi Kappa Phi pledge, was found unresponsive after an off-campus party.

The Florida State University chapter of Pi Kappa Phi is no more.

On Friday, the fraternity's national organization revoked the charter of FSU's Pi Kappa Phi chapter. National officials said they had determined that the chapter violated the fraternity's "social event management policies at an event on November 2."

It was on November 3 that 20-year-old pledge Andrew Coffey was found unresponsive after an off-campus party the night before. First responders tried to treat him, but he died. Preliminary police records seem to indicate a long gap between the "incident," around 1:30 a.m., and the 911 call, around 10:20 a.m.

With the charter's revocation, all of the chapter's operations will cease immediately.

Tallahassee police continue to investigate the party and Coffey's death. National officials said they have directed FSU fraternity members to cooperate with the investigation. Meanwhile, Florida State President John Thrasher has suspended all campus fraternities and sororities, calling for students to help create "a new normal."

"Pi Kappa Phi's board of directors determined closing the chapter is the only appropriate action," CEO Mark E. Timmes said in a statement. "The fraternity provides our students with the education, training, and mature adult guidance to make good choices and to understand the consequences of their decisions. Pi Kappa Phi holds our chapters and individual members accountable for the choices they make through our conduct process."

He said that the national organization's prayers remain with the Coffey family and friends.