Gradebook podcast: Hillsborough County’s elusive “Whistleblower” speaks out

Jason Ferger has spent two years anonymously revealing unaddressed problems in the school system.
Published Jan. 25, 2018

Jason Ferger sees himself as a parent and resident who simply became fed up with the way Hillsborough County school leaders handled themselves. He created a Facebook page, the Whistleblower, to air concerns raised by himself and others. The work, pointed and accusatory, was done anonymously. Until School Board member April Griffin called him out this week, that is. In today's podcast, Ferger discusses his motivations and goals with reporter Marlene Sokol. Then, Sokol talks with reporter Jeff Solochek about the implications of having a citizen journalist with unnamed sources out uncovering stories in the school system. "If they did their jobs ethically and honestly, and with a moral compass, there wouldn't be a need for any sort of a whistleblower site," explained Ferger, whose activities have prompted, among other things, a board refresher course in how to deal with public record requests this afternoon.