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Gradebook podcast: How much is a Florida student’s end-of-course exam really worth?

It depends on which district the student attends.
Land O'Lakes High ninth-graders await the start of the Florida Standards Assessments writing test in March 2015. [Pasco County School District]
Published Apr. 6, 2018

Students across Florida are getting ready for the state's spring testing season. Many know that high stakes accompany the results, particularly for third- and tenth-graders.

Those taking one of the state's five end-of-course exams might be aware that they count as 30 percent of their grade in that class. But they probably aren't told the state doesn't give school districts a formula for how to include that score.

As a result, many districts do it differently.

Monroe County education activist (and now school board candidate) Sue Woltanski has written about the discrepancies in her blog, and she talks about why she thinks the system is unfair with reporter Jeff Solochek.

(See the chart she refers to regarding how districts count the Algebra I EOC toward grades.)