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No more visitor sign-in books at Pasco County schools.

Everything will be done with computers
[Raptor Technologies]
[Raptor Technologies]
Published Apr. 9, 2018

The days of signing your name on a piece of paper in a binder and walking into a Pasco County school are over.

All schools in the district are now under strict instruction to run every visitor's identification through the Raptor system, which tracks in real time who is on each campus.

It also checks the state sexual offender database, to ensure the visitors are allowed in the schools based on the 2007 Jessica Lunsford Act.

The system, also used to record volunteer hours, went live in all schools shortly after students returned from spring break.

"It is purely a safety precaution," district spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said of the change, "so we have a record of who is in school if something terrible were to happen."

Schools will also ask visitors to sign out as they leave, a step many had not taken in the pat.

Employees who work on a specific campus will not be asked to put their ID through the Raptor program daily. But other district workers who are visiting will be included.


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