Take your sons and daughters to … testing, and put off that work visit

Florida's testing window again conflicts with the annual national event.
Times | 2014
Times | 2014
Published Apr. 11, 2018

It's that time of year again when parents who want to participate in the national take your kids to work day get to choose between time with their children or testing.

The annual event again conflicts with Florida's spring assessment window, and, not surprisingly, schools are encouraging parents to make sure their children show up for the exams on April 26.

Percent tested is part of the state grading system, after all.

The Pasco County school district has set up some guidelines for families who still want to bring their sons and daughters to work with them, though.

Parents can get their principal's okay to take out their children, provided no tests are scheduled for that specific day. But they have to be sure to consult with the principal and teachers in advance.

District employees who want to participate will have to wait until Monday, May 21.

"Employees also must prearrange their children's absences with their principals and teachers if they plan to participate on May 21," the administration stated in a memo to staff.