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No, superintendent Kurt Browning is not looking for a new home in west Pasco County

Someone submits a home loan request and several house purchase inquiries online in his name.

Pasco County schools superintendent Kurt Browning doesn't need a new home loan.

He also isn't considering a move to Magnolia Estates or Riverside Estates, two communities west of Seven Springs Boulevard that had been recommended to move from one school to another until Browning rejected that staff proposal.

But shortly after the School Board held a public hearing on his rezoning plan, Browning's email inbox began filling up with messages from real estate agents asking to meet about his inquiries into several half-million-dollar homes in the area.

He also received a response to an request for loan information, offering four matched lenders to choose among.

Browning, who recently added a pool to his east Pasco home where he's lived since 1996, sent a note back to each email, letting the senders know he's not interested.

"I didn't make an inquiry," he wrote to, where much of the information came from. "I've either been spammed or hacked."

No one in the school district wanted to guess why someone might have submitted false requests for real estate information in the superintendent's name. Spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said Browning had sent all the information to the Sheriff's Office for review.