Gradebook podcast: Arming Florida’s school employees – Bay County takes a closer look

About 60 percent of Bay County school workers said they support the concept.
Published April 19, 2018

Florida lawmakers recently created a program to allow schools to have armed employees on campus, as part of an expanded security measure. Most superintendents and school boards have balked. But not the folks in Bay County, in Florida's Panhandle, where people still remember a gunman shooting at school officials during a 2010 board meeting.

The district surveyed its staff and found nearly 60 percent supported the idea, so it's now exploring how to get it in place.

Superintendent Bill Husfelt talks with reporter Jeff Solochek about his district's security plans in the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting in February, and his concerns that every step be taken to protect the students because no single measure alone can succeed.

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