Student behavior and safety are on Snively’s mind

Hillsborough County School Board member Melissa Snively [HCPS]
Hillsborough County School Board member Melissa Snively [HCPS]
Published Apr. 30, 2018

After taking criticism for at first keeping her assessment of Superintendent Eakins verbal and not in a writing, Hillsborough County School Board member Melissa Snively reversed course and had a written evaluation added to the batch already online.

In it, she gave the superintendent 20 points – about mid-range for the seven members – and  mostly positive feedback, with some exceptions.

As she has said publicly, Snively is concerned about the district's emphasis on keeping students in class, which often comes at the expense of discipline and order.

"Our current policy surrounding the Code of Conduct has become too lenient, in my opinion," she wrote. "Many teachers and administrators have expressed to me frustration in managing students who continually disrupt the classroom and infringe on the instruction time of other students."

Snively returned to the district's decision to to end courtesy busing for middle and high schools, a move that she voted against, and which had a strong impact on  her East Hillsborough district.

As the cuts are to be expanded to elementary school, she wrote, "I hope that we can learn from this experience. We need to very carefully examine and document all of the routes and pathways to school before making decisions which will endanger the lives of our children."

Like the others, Snively recognized improvements in the district's communications division.

But she wants to see Eakins do a better job managing expectations of stakeholders, particularly the teachers. And she would like to see him attend meetings of the district's finance committee.