Pasco County schools take precautions against flu, virus

Officials seek to prevent problems like those at Hudson Elementary School.
[Times | 2009]
[Times | 2009]
Published May 21, 2018

With Hudson Elementary socked with sickness-related absences, the Pasco County school district has instructed all principals and plant managers to take extra steps to prevent additional outbreaks.

Maintenance director Mark Fox called for immediate action Thursday and through the end of classes this week in cleaning "points of contact" with one of two available disinfectants.

That means door handles, light switches and other places that regularly get touched by lots of people.

They've also been told to make sure to get rid of all trash daily, pay particular attention to school health clinics.

Fox reminded the staff that they cannot simply spray the cleaner and wipe it off. It takes 10 minutes to affect any virus.

He advised principals to have all desks and tables cleared, and chairs unstacked, at the end of each day so the cleansing can take place more easily.

District spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said the goal was to get ahead of the illness, which hasn't been as bad anywhere as Hudson Elementary.