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Gradebook podcast: Fighting Amendment 8, with Florida League of Women Voters president Patricia Brigham

Brigham talks about why her organization has asked the courts to remove Amendment 8 from the November ballot.

Supporters of Florida Constitution Revision Commission Amendment 8 focus on the part that would create school board term limits, viewing it as a popular idea that could push the proposal to the 60 percent vote needed for passage.

Critics say the measure goes much further, though — with some potentially devastating provisions that could dramatically change the face of public education. Yet the title (School Board Term Limits and Duties; Public Schools) and language don't reflect the full scope of the backers' plan, they say.

So the Florida League of Women Voters is trying to get Amendment 8 tossed off the November ballot, calling it intentionally misleading.

League president Patricia Brigham discusses her group's effort with reporter Jeff Solochek.

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