Hey, kids. Stop calling Uber Eats while you’re in Pasco County schools.

Principals said the calls were becoming problematic.
Pasco County schools will restrict food deliveries to students. [Times | 2017]
Pasco County schools will restrict food deliveries to students. [Times | 2017]
Published July 31, 2018|Updated July 31, 2018

Maybe you don't remember it, but the February 2016 school day tweet from Mitchell High principal Jessica Schultz still stands out to some of us.

"#Mustangs!" Schultz wrote. "We will not allow students to have pizza delivered to school during the school day. Food delivery workers will be turned away."

The message still rings true nearly two years later. And so the Pasco County School Board is taking steps to make it unnecessary going forward.

On Tuesday, the board advanced a one-line change to its food services policy making clear that such deliveries are not to occur at school without an official okay. The proposal states:

"Students are prohibited from ordering and/or receiving food or beverages from meal delivery services on school campuses during the school day without the express permission of a school administrator."

Assistant superintendent Kevin Shibley said both principals and delivery services, such as Domino's and Uber Eats, had requested the rule.

"The high school principals have expressed displeasure, and the vendors themselves have called to say, 'Please stop this from happening,'" Shibley told the board.

"The problem, is the driver shows up in the lobby of the office and wants to drop the food off with the secretary, who has to track down the kid who ordered."

Board members said the students were clever to come up with the idea. But they agreed the policy seemed necessary.

They are scheduled to formally vote on the measure, along with several other policy revisions, at their Aug. 7 meeting. If adopted, it would take effect before students return on Aug. 13.