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Schools campaign gets less money than transit, but from more donors

The campaign for a Hillsborough County schools sales tax increase has made inroads into the community.
Published Oct. 5, 2018

Which Hillsborough County referendum is more popular, the one for a schools tax or the one for transportation?

The big money – read, big sports franchises – is all in for All For Transportation.

But, despite getting a later start, Strengthen Our Schools has logged more donations.

Here are the numbers from the Supervisor of Elections website: All For Transportation has received 64 donations since June 15, adding up to more than $2 million.

Strengthen Our Schools has received 69 donations since Sept. 12, adding up to $173,493.

As we reported earlier, business executive John Sykes and the Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association wrote the biggest checks early on, each for $75,000.

Since then, the schools group got $1,033 from a nurse, $15,000 from an architect and $2,000 from the Hillsborough Association of School Administrators.

Voters, of course, will be the ones to decide if they want to pay an additional penny for roads and transit, a half penny for infrastructural improvements to the schools, or both, or neither.