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Pasco school district to send buses to hurricane-ravaged Bay County

Bay schools are trying to reopen by Nov. 12.
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Published Oct. 29, 2018
Updated Oct. 29, 2018

The Pasco County district will donate 20 school buses to the Bay County school district, which was decimated by Hurricane Michael.

The Bay district, which suffered millions of dollars in damages, is trying to get students back to classes on Nov. 12.

"They need to transport students, and they lost a lot," Pasco chief finance officer Olga Swinson said.

Pasco had 30 older buses it intended to sell. Instead, it is preparing to send them to Bay.

Bay school officials could not be reached for comment. They expressed their sentiments to Swinson via email.

"I cannot thank your district leadership team enough for the generosity and compassion shown to us," Bay transportation director Michael Carter wrote.

His Pasco counterpart, Tad Kledzik, mentioned the possibility in a phone call, Carter continued, and "both the fleet manager and I just stared blankly at one another. We had literally only moments before expressed our deep concern and desperation for how we were going to accomplish the district's goal of returning students to classrooms by Nov. 12th with the loss of units we had suffered. Your team's generosity is truly a blessing to our department, and we are extremely grateful."