More moves planned at Hillsborough schools

After Spring Break, some schools could get new leaders
Children and adults outside Sulphur Springs K-8 School. The district is seeking a new principal for the school.  [HCPS Twitter]
Children and adults outside Sulphur Springs K-8 School. The district is seeking a new principal for the school. [HCPS Twitter]
Published March 15
Updated March 20

The Hillsborough County School District on Friday called a special board meeting for March 26, the first school day after spring break, “to vote on administrative appointments and transfers.”

Beyond this brief announcement, no information was given about who will be transferred, and to where.

These positions are open, according to the district’s administrative bulletin: Principal, Sulphur Springs K-8; and Principal, Jennings Middle.

Both are among 50 “Achievement Schools,” which means district leaders are trying to bring about dramatic improvements in light of low student test scores and state scrutiny.

Sulphur Springs has an F grade and is a “Tier 3” school, signaling the greatest level of severity. It is led by Chantel Angeletti, who relocated from Chicago. Jennings’ principal is Richard Scionti, a district employee since 1989. The school has a C and is in “Tier 1,” the least severe.

The Tampa Bay Times is also awaiting word about Spoto High, one of three high schools on the Achievement list. The principal there, Glennis Perez, took some time off while district leaders look into unspecified issues at the school.

While it’s not clear how many principals - if any - are among those up for transfers, this is the time of year when such moves start happening.

The district is rolling out a teacher recruitment plan as it seeks to fill vacancies at some of its most challenging schools. Teachers will want to know who next year’s principal is before they consider moving.

Speaking with the Times earlier this week, Superintendent Jeff Eakins said there will not be many moves this year - certainly not like last year, when 18 were transferred in a single day and some board members complained. More than 40 of the 50 Achievement Schools have received new leaders since 2015.

Eakins also noted that he cannot just transfer a principal from one age group to another. Those vacancies - such as the one at Sulphur Springs - must be posted, and candidates must be given time to apply.

Still, teachers are reacting fearfully to rumors of transfers, and one group in particular has been outspoken in trying to hold onto Edison principal Marc Gaillard.

The meeting will begin at 4 p.m.

UPDATE: The agenda for Tuesday’s meeting says Sulphur Springs and Jennings WILL get new principals. Angeletti and Scionti are both to be reclassified as “Administrator on Special Assignment, pending placement.” Angeletti has been principal of Sulphur Springs since 2017, when she relocated from Chicago. Scionti has been Jennings’ principal since 2012. They two earn $184,716, combined, in salary alone.