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Social media threat not directed at Pasco County school

A different Longleaf Elementary School was the target, according to law enforcement.

Students and parents arriving for dropoff time Tuesday at Longleaf Elementary School in Trinity were greeted by a larger than usual security presence, as officials responded to a social media threat to shoot up Longleaf as it conducts a fire drill.

There are more than one Longleaf Elementary in the nation, though — including ones in Brevard and Escambia counties. And by 10 a.m., law enforcement had determined that the school in question was not the Pasco County campus.

The Pasco Longleaf conducted a fire drill on Monday without incident and did not have another planned, district spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said. Another of the schools did have a drill scheduled for Thursday.

Still, out of an abundance of caution, Longleaf principal Jennifer McCormack sent information home to parents before the 9:40 a.m. first bell to alert them of the situation. The school district and Sheriff’s Office also updated families on social media, even though all the activity occurred overnight.

Cobbe said the school had not experienced any major outcries of concern. She said the district would keep an eye on attendance, anticipating a possible decrease.