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Second Plato charter school in Pasco County to be canceled

The struggling charter group asked to withdraw its plan.

Plato Academy charter schools, with one campus in Pasco County, had intended to grow its footprint throughout the area.

Instead, it is pulling back.

And on Tuesday, the Pasco County School Board is slated to do its part.

At the request of Plato board chairman Elias Kolettis, the School Board will consider formal termination of a five-year contract for what would have been Plato’s second Pasco school. The district approved that contract in early 2018, after okaying the underlying charter in 2017.

Plato had previously won approval of its request to delay opening the new school until fall 2019.

In the past, the group also had indicated it wanted to add two additional schools into Pasco. Facing increasing management problems and other struggles in the aftermath of founder Steve Christopoulos’ death, Plato no longer has such plans.

While it does not expect to open new schools, Plato still intends to make its existing school in Trinity an “exceptional option” for Pasco families, Kolettis told the school district.