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Gradebook podcast: Overcoming obstacles to graduate high school on time - One Pasco County student’s story

Wiregrass Ranch High senior Jackson Francis says credit recovery programs helped him get back on track.

Jackson Francis failed his junior year classes at his high school in Pasco County, Florida.

His dad was diagnosed with cancer, and the news “changed my whole who I am.”

He got moody and emotional, didn’t pay attention in class or complete any work. “I literally stopped caring,” he recalls.

Then Francis got his senior year to-do list from his counselor, detailing what he needed to finish to get his diploma. He thought about dropping out in the face of the mountain of work.

Instead, he buckled down.

Francis explains to reporter Jeff Solochek what he had to do to get back on track for his May 2019 graduation, and why he did it.

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