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Charter schools take center stage in Hillsborough

Reading, new principals and other issues will be addressed in a day of meetings.

TAMPA - Hillsborough County School Board members will begin their day Tuesday with a presentation about charter schools, how the state law treats them and what to expect in the coming year.

Here is the PowerPoint that the board will review at its 10 a.m. workshop. The gathering is open to the public, in room 212-D of district headquarters.

Later in the day, the board will be asked to approve four “schools of hope” to be operated by IDEA, a nonprofit charter group based in Texas. The IDEA schools will serve close to 3,000 students at build-out, planned as alternatives to Robles and Oak Park Elementary and the high schools and middle schools near them.

Also in the morning session, the board will review information about the state budget and receive an update on key issues from Superintendent Jeff Eakins. The Tampa Bay Times will live-stream on Facebook if the district continues with its recent practice of keeping cameras turned off during the morning workshop. The Times will also live-stream the first part of the 3:30 p.m. meeting, when members of the public speak. The district in recent months has been declining to broadcast that part of the meeting as well.

The afternoon agenda also includes the evaluation of Superintendent Jeff Eakins; an outside contract to diagnose and correct problems with reading instruction; another contract with Phalen Leadership Academies to assist with as many as 10 additional Achievement Schools, and the naming of at least eight principals.

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