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Gov. Ron DeSantis loves the Florida Legislature’s education actions

Hoping for a veto? Don’t expect much.

Shortly after the Florida Legislature ended its 2019 session, Gov. Ron DeSantis said the public might expect a veto or two.

Anyone holding out hope that perhaps the governor might be talking about one (or some) of the public education policy changes approved by lawmakers will be disappointed, although likely not surprised.

DeSantis campaigned for ideas including expanding choice options, including vouchers. He made clear his backing of increased civics education, school safety and workforce training.

And on Monday, DeSantis reiterated his support for lawmakers’ adoption of his agenda.

“The education priorities passed this session represent a resounding victory for students, parents and teachers across Florida,” he said in a released statement. “Clearing the waitlist for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship empowers parents to make the best education decisions for their children. Florida is the national leader in school choice and as long as I’m Governor, I will be committed to ensuring every child can go to a great school regardless of their family’s income.”

DeSantis -- who received SB 7070 on vouchers on Monday -- went on to list all the education ideas he liked from session, from changing the Best and Brightest teacher bonus to allowing for the reverse transfer of university credits to colleges.

Read his full release to see more.