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Assistant principals become principals at three Hernando schools

Hernando County School District
Hernando County School District
Published May 8, 2019

BROOKSVILLE — Assistant principals at three Hernando County schools will stay in the same place but get new job titles as they fill principal vacancies created by recent district-level reshuffling.

Last month, the School Board approved Superintendent John Stratton's administrative reorganization plan. Several principals were hired for district level jobs, and one principal was moved to a principal vacancy at another school, ultimately leaving the job open at three schools.

The district announced Wednesday who would fill the resulting vacancies at Springstead High School, Challenger K-8 and Spring Hill Elementary School.

Dana Pearce will take over at Springstead. Pearce has been with the district since 2001 and has also been an assistant principal at Explorer K-8.

Rosemarie Maiorini, who started with the district in 1995, will become principal at Challenger.

And Kristen Tormey, who was an assistant principal at Challenger before becoming assistant principal at Spring Hill, will take over at the elementary school. Tormey has been with the district since 2005.

"They have prepared for this day and they are ready and excited to serve their students, staff and parents," Stratton said in a news release. "Each of them follows in the footsteps of an exemplary leader and are well positioned to take their schools to the next level."

Those newly hired to district administration in the reorganization included Challenger K-8 principal Lisa Cropley, who in July will become executive director of student support services, and Spring Hill Elementary principal Michael Maine, who will become the district's first senior recruiter. Springstead High School principal Carmine Rufa will move to Fox Chapel Middle school as Fox Chapel principal Ray Pinder becomes human resources director.