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Gradebook podcast: School vouchers in Florida. With Step Up For Students president Doug Tuthill

Students already are qualifying for new private school vouchers. Could education savings accounts be next?

Growth in contributions to Florida’s tax credit scholarship program slowed to the point where supply no longer met the growing demand for assistance to attend private schools. State lawmakers responded by putting millions of taxpayer funds into a new school voucher program, to help bridge the gap.

And they show no signs of stopping their efforts to expand initiatives aimed at providing alternatives to traditional public schools.

Doug Tuthill, president of scholarship funding organization Step Up For Students, sees even less restrictive education savings accounts as the logical next step.

Tuthill, whose group influences state policy on vouchers and related measures, discusses with reporter Jeff Solochek the trajectory of the state’s “choice” model and his rationale as a liberal for participating in the Republican-led push, which has lately has gained more bipartisan support.

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