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Gators don’t need to hire Chip Kelly

Florida needs a head coach, but that doesn't mean they need to take the plunge on Chip Kelly.

All I want to is that if Florida doesn't get Chip Kelly, do they settle for Greg Schiano?

How badly does Florida want offense?

Chip Kelly might be the test case.

I wouldn't do it.

There is no doubt that Kelly would bring some fireworks to the Gators' attack if he was hired as Florida's next head coach.

Even after two failed attempts in the NFL, it's easy to remember Kelly's "blur" offense was something to behold in college football. It changed the game is what it did.

Oregon was a nonstop wonder under Kelly.

The Ducks were an offensive beast.

Kelly and his Ducks to four straight BCS Bowl appearances, including a spot in the National Championship following the 2010 season. Oregon won its first Rose Bowl in 95 years.

It would be quite the Gators spectacular. It would be something Florida fans haven't seen since Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow had it going. It could challenge Steve Spurrier's "Fun 'n; Gun."

Chip Kelly would bring it, in your face.

The problem is that other schools were catching up when Kelly left for the NFL. They were onto his offense and figuring out ways to defend it. What would his new trick be? Does he have one?

Kelly owes the state of Florida after jilting the Bucs when the Glazers made a play for him in 2012. The Bucs then turned to Schiano. Painful.

But Kelly would present problems for Florida, too.

He is a control guy, totally. He wants what he wants and he wants it his way. Guy's an odd duck to boot.

Florida just went through that push-pull with Jim McElwain.

Granted, you win a lot and none of that matters.

The Nation needs offense, some style, some sizzle.

It needs it badly.

But not badly enough to hire Kelly.

Let's not forget Kelly's baggage.

Remember, the NCAA hit him with an 18-month show-cause penalty after he had left for the NFL, over Oregon reportedly paying $25,000 to a 7-on-7 coach to help guide players to the Ducks football program.

This is just the kind of sleaze that has the FBI all over college basketball at the moment.

Kelly hasn't been back to college football since he left for the pros.

That show-cause stuff didn't matter much to the NFL.

It should concern Florida. It should be.

How  do the Gators want an offense? After McElwain, and Will Muschamp before him, Kelly is enticing.

My guess is Florida won't bite.

And that's probably just as well.