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Gator fans’ Steve Spurrier dreams are just that — dreams

Forget the Old Ball Coach making his way back to the sidelines for Florida. It's not happening.
Steve Spurrier speaking at a Gators game last season. [AP photo]
Steve Spurrier speaking at a Gators game last season. [AP photo]
Published Nov. 2, 2017
Updated Nov. 2, 2017

Let those dreams die, Florida fans.

There will be no second act from Steve Spurrier.

Yes, the Spur Dog has returned to Florida. He is a legend-in-residence. He has an office at the football stadium.

But hold all fantasies.

The Spur Dog isn't coming back in the aftermath of Jim McElwain's dismissal. Randy Shannon has been named interim head coach.

What killjoys.

Get over it, Gators.

Just because you want to play an old album doesn't mean you can go back to that time and place.

It's unproductive thinking at this point.

For one thing, Spurrier is 72, and has no desire to be Bill Snyder.

Second, he doesn't believe in second acts.

What could he do at Florida he hasn't done already? What's to gain? At least at South Carolina, Spurrier made history where there had really been none.

Lastly, he likes his life – a lot. He enjoys his golf and talking to Gator clubs here and there, does some TV and radio. Pressure free.

There was never any chance he was going to again be the OBC with his Gators in dire need. Mind you, he would have been glad to chip in with some advice. Spurrier reportedly tried to help Jim McElwain, but was rebuffed.

Spurrier was playful at last week's Florida-Georgia debacle. At one point, he climbed to the top row of the press box in mid-rout and said, "Let's see if it looks any better up here." It didn't.

In Jacksonville, Spurrier was content and as irreverent as ever.

You couldn't even ask him if he'd come back with a straight face.

Yeah, dreaming is fun.

Steve Spurrier ignited the boiler at Florida when he returned to his alma mater in 1990. The 1966 Heisman Trophy winner was hot-wired to a new kind of offense and changed everything. There was nothing like the "Fun 'n' Gun" and Spurrier. It was as if seismic platers were shifting under college football.

And there was the Spur Dog getting under people's skins – Ray Goof, Phil Fulmer, Free Shoes U. Spurrier and Bobby Bowden was a breathtaking rivalry.

There was Spurrier after the Gators put up 52 points on Georgia at Sanford Stadium in Athens in 1995.

"Pretty nice ball yard," Spurrier said.

Nobody like him.

It's about time that Florida fans moved on from Spurrier, and from Urban Meyer, for that matter. There is Gator arrogance and conceit in there somewhere.

Can't you just accept the fact that you have two of the best coaches in college football history? Maybe that's your lifetime quota.

I know what you're thinking.

You're looking in the clouds.

Let's see if it looks any better up there.

Steve Spurrier isn't coming down to help.

Just be glad you had him around in the first place.