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Red balloons are showing up on sewers in St. Pete, and across the U.S.

Residents of the Crescent Heights neighborhood in St. Petersburg woke up to a creepy surprise on Halloween, though exactly how creeped they were might depend on how they feel about clowns.

In what appears to be a nod to the latest film adaptation of Stephen King's It, someone overnight placed dozens of balloons near storm sewer drains and on corners throughout the area.

The balloons were attached to paper boats with the words "S.S. Georgie."

In the film, the appearance of a red balloon is a harbinger to Pennywise, the terrifying, demonic entity that takes the form of a circus clown and occasionally lures children into the sewer.

A delightful #Halloween morning surprise in my neighborhood. #YoullFloatToo @ITMovieOfficial

Watch out for clowns in St. Petersburg- Crescent Lake Heights neighborhood. #Boo!!! @TB_Times #Halloween2017 #IT

Every block on our neighborhood has a red balloon over the storm drain. Well played, Crescent Heights.

But it looks like St. Petersburg wasn't the only place where red balloons were showing up on Halloween.

Twitter was full of similar scenes from around the country.


Someone in my moms neighborhood is putting up red balloons

Wonder what's in the gutter???@redballoons @halloween @clowns

there's a student dressed as pennywise placing red balloons all over campus i love college

Whoever keeps putting red balloons around town, please stop littering. #NobodyTrashesTennessee

somebody put red 'IT' balloons around campus but its places nobody could fit so that doesnt really make sense

"Police Would Like You to Please Stop Tying Creepy Red Balloons to Sewers"

To the person in Thousand Oaks tying red balloons to storm drains….I love you, and can we be friends?!

*Extreme Georgie voice* You'll float too.

Happy Halloween.


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