'Guardians of the Galaxy' star Dave Bautista trolls City of Tampa on Twitter over a gate

Published February 9 2018
Updated February 9 2018

It’s not unusual for people to send off-topic replies to tweets from the official @CityOfTampa account, publicly airing their grievances over garbage pickup or potholes or whatever they think the mayor should be doing.

It's a little unusual when a Marvel superhero with 1.13 million Twitter followers does it.

Dave Bautista, WWE Superstar, portrayer of Drax in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, giant man who threw Ryan Gosling through a wall in Blade Runner 2049 and ordinary Tampa resident with a home improvement project, really wants to build a gate.

He tweeted at the City of Tampa on Thursday to let them know about his perceived gate struggles and permit issues — again, and again and again.

Bautista was apparently still thinking about his gate an hour after his first tweet, when he saw @CityOfTampa post about the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival at Curtis Hixon park.

That wasn't the end of it. Obviously still stewing over his gate status, Bautista took to Twitter again a few hours later to tweet one more follow-up question.

The city responded by apologizing via Twitter for the frustration and asking Bautista to send over some info so they could look into it, but Tampa spokeswoman Ashley Bauman said the issues with gate are due to Batista’s contractor and not the city.

Permit applications for a wall and gate around a home in the Port Tampa City neighborhood were submitted via that contractor in August 2017, but the permit was disapproved because adjustments needed to be made to the plan, Bauman said.

The city waited for the contractor to submit a new plan for four months, until Jan. 16. After the city did issue a permit, an inspection showed "they started doing the work incorrectly, so we had to stop them again," Bauman said.

Bautista disputed that in direct Twitter messages to the Tampa Bay Times Friday, saying delays actually came from the city and a mess with land surveys.

Regardless, he said, "Situation seems to have made some progress because of the tweets," and added, "I may actually have a freaking gate sometime soon. Thanks for the interest."

Of course, some of Bautista’s 1.3 million Twitter followers also saw the exchange, and weighed in themselves on the controversy that some were calling #Gategate.

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