Another question for Rays after trading Souza: What to do with these …

The Hugging Souza doll was scheduled as the June 30 giveaway.
The Rays were planning to give away this Souza hug doll on June 30.
The Rays were planning to give away this Souza hug doll on June 30.
Published Feb. 21, 2018

Having traded 2017 team MVP Steven Souza Jr. to Arizona, Rays baseball officials are now looking for a way to replace him on the field.

And now Rays marketing officials also have to decide what to do with the spot he held in their lineup, having scheduled a unique June 30 giveaway of a Hugging Steven Souza Jr. doll.

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Playing off his penchant for giving hugs in the dugout, the Rays were expecting a lot of interest in the doll.  And of more immediate concern, have a Souza wristband giveaway on April 15 for kids 14 and under.

A team official said Wednesday morning it was too early to say what they would do about the promotions.

Most likely, they will cancel them and switch to an alternative item as a giveaway that day.

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One question, especially about the dolls, is in the status of their order, whether the dolls have already been manufactured.

If so, the Rays could decide to still give them away. Or they could re-purpose them to be sold as a fundraiser for charity.