Rays takeaways

Published April 4, 2018|Updated April 4, 2018

Chris Archer suggested the Rays need to check on what they're trying to do to Didi Gregorius, noting he had three hits off pitches to "his sweet spot" — fastballs down and in — and "learn from the mistakes and (today) be more equipped to get him out."

Give the Yankees credit, I guess, for deciding to wait out the rain and deal with the cold and get their home opening game in, knowing rescheduling for later in the season takes away from the spectacle of the opener. But, boy, was it cold.

Shortstops are giving the Rays problems. First, Boston's Xander Bogaerts went 8-for-17 with six extra-base hits in the opening series. Then Tuesday, New York's Didi Gregorius had two three-run homers and a two-run single for an eight-RBI day.