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311’s Nick Hexum talks medical marijuana, his mom’s cancer battle and more

The group hits Tampa this weekend for a Moffitt fundraiser and release of a signature craft beer.

Nick Hexum will be the first to tell you: He's not 311's beer guy. That would be bassist Aaron "P-Nut" Willis.

The group's second collaboration with Tampa's Rock Brothers Brewing, an imperial IPA dubbed Beautiful Disaster, "is P-Nut's baby," the singer said recently. "He designed everything. He came up with the idea, he put a little kumquat citrus in there. He was super involved in that. He's probably had as much fun working on the craft beer as I have working on the cannabis products."

Ah, yes, the reefer. 311 are big proponents of legalization, and not just for recreational purposes. Hexum, group's lead singer, has been an outspoken advocate for the health benefits of medical marijuana, ever since his mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

When the multiplatinum rap-rock-reggae fusionists will come to Tampa this weekend to celebrate the release of Beautiful Disaster, they'll also headline a fundraiser for the Moffitt Cancer Center at the Cuban Club. Tickets are $47.50 and up. Click here for the details on a full weekend of 311-inspired fun and fundraising in Ybor City.

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