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Sammy Hagar talks Van Halen reunion, activism in rock, mezquila and more

"Are you ready for me?" he says when he calls.

Hate to break your hearts, Van Halen aficionados. But if you're hoping for a reunion between the band and flame-haired, motor-mouthed former singer Sammy Hagar, it doesn't sound like it's happening anytime soon.

"Those boys have still got it against me and Mike for some reason," Hagar says. "Whatever."

"Mike" is bassist Michael Anthony, a member of Hagar's new supergroup the Circle, featuring guitarist Vic Johnson and drummer Jason Bonham. They'll play Clearwater's Coachman Park on Tuesday, where Hagar will deliver such huge Van Halen hits as Right Now, Dreams and Best of Both Worlds. And it's about the only place you're going to hear them, considering Eddie Van Halen didn't even wish Hagar a happy 70th birthday last month.

"Oh, hell no, man," he says. "If you want to go into those waters right now, I can just say that it pretty much confirms it when Mikey's grandson died (in April, from a heart defect) — a brand-new baby died — and they didn't reach out to him. And my 70th birthday, they didn't reach out to say happy birthday. Yeah. Pretty much says it all."

Sammy Hagar and the Circle perform with Night Ranger at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Coachman Park. Tickets are $45 and up. Click here.

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— Jay Cridlin