Jim Gaffigan talks about performing on New Year’s Eve, sexual misconduct in comedy and more

He'll headline Amalie Arena on Dec. 31.
Published Dec. 28, 2017|Updated Dec. 28, 2017

In the midst of a national conversation about sexual misconduct that has brought to a halt the careers of comedians like Louis C.K. and T.J. Miller, Jim Gaffigan is held up as one of the male comedians worth holding up and celebrating.

"Jim Gaffigan put me in his TV show and was a regular fixture, reliably lending his star power to a dinky monthly comedy show I helped produce," comedian Jessica Delfino wrote. She also told tales of being given a pep talk by Kevin Hart and advice and career boosts from Colin Quinn and Dave Chappelle.

"That's encouraging," Gaffigan said when Delfino's words were read to him.

"I've reached out to female comedian friends and say I want to help, and some of it is sitting back and listening and learning," Gaffigan said. "One of them jokingly said, 'Don't be a pervert. Don't be a creep. That's how you can help.' "

"It is kind of this interesting path, we live in this day and age where every day there is something exposed that is horrifying and frightening. I honestly don't know what I could have done even if I did know about it. I was never really in a position of power as it pertains to the Louis C.K. thing. I had assumed it was just rumors."

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