New ‘Jingle Y’all’ holiday concert bringing Jerrod Niemann, Rodney Atkins to the Dallas Bull in Tampa

Jerrod Niemann. Photo: Ryan Hamblin.
Jerrod Niemann. Photo: Ryan Hamblin.
Published October 22 2018

You've heard of the Jingle Ball? Get ready for the Jingle Y'all.

Country radio station US 103.5 is following in the footsteps of iHeartMedia sister station 93.3 by launching a year-end festival of its own. It's not quite as big or star-studded as the Jingle Ball, but c'mon, that name, "Jingle Y'all" — hard to resist, right?

The inaugural Jingle Y'all will bring country singers Jerrod Niemann (Drink to That All Night) and Rodney Adkins (If You're Going Through Hell) to the Dallas Bull on Dec. 21. Tickets start at $30, with part of the proceeds benefitting Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg.

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Granted, there will probably be a few country fans at the Jingle Ball, too, since one of the performers is singer Bebe Rexha, who collaborated with Florida Georgia Line on the record-breaking Meant To Be. For them, maybe a double dose of year-end country will just make for a nice early present.

Click here for more details on the U.S. 103.5 Jingle Y'all.

— Jay Cridlin

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