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It’s too late to enjoy the World Series

The World Series has been a thrill to watch ... if you can stay awake for it.

What a World Series this has been between the Dodgers and Astros. I could watch those guys all night.

In fact, that's exactly what I did.

Sunday's incredible, wacky and wild Game 5 ended early Monday morning – 1:39 a.m. to be exact. Alex Bregman's RBI single in the bottom of the 10th ended a game that had started 5 hours and 18 minutes earlier.

Television ratings for Game 5 were solid. In fact, something rare happened as the World Series outdrew Sunday Night Football.

Still, you can't help but wonder how many people were asleep for hours as the team traded haymakers in the final few innings.

It's a shame. One of the greatest World Series games ever and too many people missed it. Just think how cool it would have been if Sunday's game had a 4 p.m. start. It would have ended before 9:30 p.m. We would be talking about Game 5 forever because we all would have seen it.

But, no, Major League Baseball insists on playing its games when too many, especially young people, can't stay up to watch. Heck, many of those who had to get up for work Monday morning had to give up on the game before it reached legendary status.

How can you expect to grow the game when your greatest moments happen past bedtimes?

Maybe that's part of the NFL's popularity: its best moments, including the Super Bowl, are at a reasonable hour.

I get it. Primetime is where you make your money. And, sometimes, long games can't be avoided. That's just the nature of baseball.

But knowing that, knowing that baseball games can run long, why not use the weekend to air afternoon games, just like the old days? Not every game had to be played during the day. But give us one or two every World Series.

It would give us all something to enjoy now, and it would give baseball fans for the future, too