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Bob Graham's push for disclosure on Saudi Arabia and 9/11 enters prez campaign in NH

Former Florida Sen. Bob Graham , the former Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, for years has been pushing national security and law enforcement officials to disclose more about what they know of connections between Saudi Arabia officials and the Sept. 11 attackers. For background, read Lucy Morgan's recent must-read, "Why did the FBI detain Bob Graham?.

It seems the issue is gaining attention thanks to a group of activists in New Hampshire Last night Ohio Gov. John Kasich held a town hall meeting at a golf club in Peterborough, N.H., where a young man noted Sen. Graham's complaints about federal authorities redacting 28 pages concerning Saudi ties to the hijackers in a 9/11 report.

"I just want to know if you take the oath of office youll have the guts to get real with Saudi Arabia, and get some prosections going here and go after some of the people who were involved,' Eric Jackman asked Kasich.

Responded the governor: "First of all, I don't know what Bob Graham is saying. He can have his opinion, but let me tell you my view on Saudi Arabia...I think we have coddled Saudi Arabia for too long, and I think when they support these things like madrassas - which are these schools where they teach this hatred towards the West which is infiltrating some of the people here who are actually in our prisons, to teach radical thought - is unacceptable. Now the best thing about fracking in America is that it's made us more energy independent...That doesn't mean we overthrow the relationship with Saudi Arabia, because they share more things with us than they don't."

Turns out there is a loose-knit group of Granite Staters who are making a concerted effort to call attention to the issue and urge presidential candidates and other politicians to read the redacted 28 pages of that report and to declassify it. They call their group

"We've been in an awful lot of countries sicne 9/11, and if we don't even know who was resoonsible for this, and who helped fund it, how do we know we've even attacked the right people," said Leah Wolczko, explaining why the group is aiming to educate the public and politicians about the matter.

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