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Bong banner state rep treads lightly on boss's legal pot campaign

This is awkward. State Rep. Darryl Rouson of St. Petersburg, the incoming Democratic leader of the Florida House overseeing all House campaigns in the 2014 cycle, is a passionate antidrug crusader who for years has been trying to make illegal in Florida the sale of glass pipes, bongs and other "utensils of death," as he calls them, commonly used to ingest pot and other drugs.

Rouson is also an attorney who works for John "For the People" Morgan, who is leading the campaign to legalize marijuana for sick Floridians.

The outspoken Rouson disagrees with Morgan on the issue but has been evading questions on the matter since Morgan jumped to the forefront of the medical marijuana campaign.

Rouson couldn't avoid it in a Political Connections interview airing today on Bay News 9, but he did manage to tread lightly on a pet cause of his boss. Morgan's dad fought cancer and emphysema and found marijuana helped him.

"I'm not in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. Let me say this about my boss: He has spent his life and part of his fortune trying to feed the homeless, trying to help the hungry, trying to bring relief to the suffering — people who have debilitating injuries or illnesses," Rouson said in the interview airing at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. "While I might disagree with my boss' method at this moment, I can't disagree with the intent of his heart, and that is to bring relief to help suffering people."