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BREAKING: Chico's $10 shoe sale is BACK

Hey, remember that time the Deal Divas all collectively grasped our chests and flopped to the ground and the SOME OF US, NOT NAMING NAMES, might have maybe ordered 11 pairs of shoes at one time because Chico's was practically giving them away for $10 a pair?

Well, that's happening again.

Until 6 p.m., get your kicks right here for $9.98 with coupon code 58536. Tons of summer stock is on the sale to clear room for fall, always a great time for us Floridians to score things we can wear most of the year. After 6, Chico's switches to a new deal that runs until midnight. What will it be?!

Pro-tip from, uh, a "friend" who bought 11 pairs of shoes on the last sale NOT NAMING NAMES THOUGH. Go up a half-size, as they tend to run tight.