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A woman will soon be reunited with the prosthetic leg she lost on Panama City Beach

The mystery over who owns the prosthetic leg that washed up on Panama City Beach on Monday has been solved, thanks to a call on social media.

The owner: a 22-year-old woman from Arkansas.

On Monday, Farrah Beth Bata posted a photo to the I Love Panama City Beach Facebook group showing the leg, which had emerged in the water. It showed the leg placed upright in the sand with the message: ""Soooooo super random question.....anyone missing a leg?" the post read. "Found in the water in front of Whispering Seas."

That post prompted hundreds of comments, including suggestions that the leg — made to fit just below the knee and missing a shoe — may contain a serial number that would help locate the owner. Bata posted that she emailed the manufacturer.

Just a few hours later, Bata posted that she indeed located the owner.

"The legs owner has been found!!" the post read. "She's a 22 year old that was in the ocean when she got knocked down and her prosthetic leg came off!!! Good work by everyone that shared the post!!"

Included in the post was a screen-grab of a message she received from Krisie Graves, who explained that her daughter, Jacqueline Reeves, had "called me earlier in the day and said that she was swimming in the ocean and a wave knocked her down," pulling the leg off.

Krisie Graves wrote that she was alerted at work after a manager saw a news report about the leg, and was in contact with the Panama City police to reunite her daughter with her leg.