Another McDonald's assault: Man throws hot coffee at 16-year-old worker over french fries

Police in South Carolina say a man threw hot coffee on a drive-thru worker because he wasn't happy with his order.
Published January 10
Updated January 10

Less than two weeks after video of a St. Petersburg McDonald's employee fighting off an attacker went viral, police in South Carolina have released video of what they say is another attack on a restaurant employee.

According to WLTX-TV, a man threw hot coffee on a 16-year-old girl working the drive-through window in Camden, S.C., and police are now seeking help identifying the suspect.

Police on Tuesday released surveillance video of the Dec. 21 incident. According to reports, the man asked for a large order of french fries when he felt unsatisfied with the length of his wait. The 16-year-old employee said the man asked to speak to a manager, then got angry, saying she rolled her eyes. He motioned for her to open the drive-through window. When she did, he threw hot coffee on her face, causing first-degree burns that have since healed.

Though the incident happened last month, the video's release comes less than two weeks after the release of a viral video showing a woman in St. Petersburg fight off an attacker as she worked behind the counter of a local McDonald's. In the video, Yasmine James is assaulted by Daniel Troyer when he becomes upset over having to ask for a straw. James, who said she comes from a boxing family, was able to defend herself.

The issue has since sparked protests and calls for more training and protection from violence in the workplace, as more workers come forward with stories of harassment.

McDonald's spokesman Khim Aday told the Tampa Bay Times last week that the restaurant chain is "reviewing how we respond to such incidents going forward," adding that it "will always stand with our people and remain committed to their safety and well-being."

Police in South Carolina have not released the name of the 16-year-old worker.

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