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Bucs OC Sullivan boots himself upstairs for better view

EYE IN THE SKY: The Bucs offense is stuggling and has not scored a touchdown in the second half this season.

Perhaps that's what prompted offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan to watch Sunday's 31-20 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles from a booth atop RJS, rather than from the sideline.

"Two years in Jacksonville and then eight years with the Giants, I was always in the press box,'' Sullivan said. "In terms of, we talked earlier in the bye week that everything was going to be analyzed in terms of our operation, terms of the players, the plays, the schemes, etc. And then, game day, what are the ways we could be more efficient. I know from all those years being up in the press box there's a perception and a vantage point you get that I felt would be beneficial.''

So who is taking Sullivan's place on the field?

"Just switched with John McNulty, who is the quartrerbacks coach who is now on the field and I was relying calls into him,'' Sullivan said. "It's something that gives an added vantagepoint that I think it's helpful from the standpoint of not seeing it at ground level but having that bird's eye view.''