‘Hi, this is Mayor Jane Castor’

The new mayor makes it airport official on Thursday, recording the greeting played on shuttle rides at Tampa International.
Published June 6

Newly elected Tampa Mayor Jane Castor made it airport official on Thursday.

While visiting Tampa International Airport for a Hillsborough County Aviation Authority meeting, she took time out to record the greetings that will play for passengers taking the shuttles between the main terminal and the airsides. The public relations team at the airport captured the rite on video, complete with outtakes. So soon it will be, “So long, Mayor Bob Buckhorn,” whose greeting welcomed or sent off Tampa Bay travelers.

Mayor Castor joked that it was one of the top questions she has received since taking over: When will hers be the voice heard on the shuttle. Tampa International staff say they had been getting the question, too. So they decided to capture the moment for posterity.