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Scoop Soldiers enter Tampa to handle your dog's poop so you don't have to

A Texas poop-scooping company has expanded to Tampa Bay to offer its dog waste cleanup service.

Prior to Thursday, the nearest Scoop Soldiers operation was in Orlando. Tampa Bay will be its 10th market since the company was founded in 2010. Scoop Soldiers says it will responsibly dispose of pet waste in residential yards or commercials properties. Plans start at $15 for visits once a week and go to one-time clean for about $60.

"Tampa is an ideal place to call home for both dog and owner, and we see a big opportunity," CEO Josh Cahill said in a statement.

In its sales pitch, the waste cleanup company reminds residents it's a law to pick up after your pets so bacteria and pollutants don't make their way into the urban watershed. The company noted Tampa Bay's known obsession with dogs, as it's continually rated one of the most dog-friendly areas in the country.

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The new business will have some established competition. Similar companies such as Poop 911, Yard Guards on Doody and Pet Butler have been cleaning up pet waste in the area for years.

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