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Buying clothes can help schools. Who knew?

My $9 shoes.
My $9 shoes.
Published Sep. 8, 2016

A great black and white polka dot dress from ModCloth for half price. Athleta blue flowered yoga pants marked down from $64 to $22.39. Quick. Click on Now.

Schoola is a win-win. Deals for us turn into financial donations to schools around the world.

The site sells new items donated by retailers and second hand items donated by us and then donates a percentage of sales to schools. You can even decide what school gets the money from the clothes you donate.

When new items donated from a retailer sell, 40 percent of that money is sent to the Malala Fund, which supports 12 years of safe education for girls around the world.

Now follow me closely here shoppers because the next part of the Schoola plan can seem confusing but I know you got this. If you donate a bag of your gently used second hand clothing or that NWT sweater you will never wear because it won't ever get that cold in FLA, you can pick any school in the country to receive money when your items sell. The school will get 40 percent of your second hand sales as well.

This is a great school, office or dorm fundraiser. Everybody takes a bag, cleans out their closet for kids or women's clothing, sends the full bags back and 40 percent of the proceeds go directly to the schools as the donated items sell online. You can also choose, of course, to have proceeds from your stuff go to the Malala Fund.

Ok, now that we've talked about giving, let's get back to getting for a minute. Schoola is easy to search by designer, size, color and New-With-Tags. A quick glance and I saw dresses by J. Crew, Gap, Betsy Johnson, Ann Taylor and Vince Camuto in the $20 to $40 range. (There are plenty of cheaper brands such as Dress Barn and Target for like $5.)

I'm buying those no-name color block heels for $9 and the Lucky wedges for $18 so don't even think about it sistah!

Okay, is this all clear? Go to, order your bags. Pick your school. Fill bags. Send bags in. Pat yourself on the back. Then shop online for some deals.