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  1. USF Bulls

Calls to USF police report creepy clown sightings

TAMPA — The creepy clown phenomenon grabbing headlines across the country has made its way to the University of South Florida.

Two calls to University Police about 10:30 Monday night reported a clown near Magnolia Fields, the athletic fields on the southwest part of campus. The clown was seen running down USF Magnolia Drive, heading toward Fletcher Avenue.

Officers went to check it out.

"But we found no clown there," said police spokeswoman Renna Reddick.

Students managed to freak out all the same. A social media sampler:

"Apparently there have been clown sightings at USF. Hell no I might have to transfer again!"

"If y'all know me you know clowns are my worst fear. Let a clown pop up at usf and I'm catching a plane to Australia no questions asked."

"Clown sighting at USF... We going huntin tonight"

"*clown tries to come to USF*
*can't find parking*"

Meanwhile, real clowns want you to know they are not thrilled with this latest wave of clown-inflicted terror.