Can you name the connection between Mr. Spock and the Bangles?

Published March 2, 2015

The tributes for Leonard Nimoy have poured in over the past few days and while you may have seen it posted on the Stuck in the '80s Facebook page, we'll go ahead and tip our hat to Nimoy on the blog with the video that introduced many of us to The Bangles - Going Down To Liverpool.

Around 1966, Tamar Simon Hoffs, the mother of Bangle Susannah Hoffs, was encouraged by Leonard Nimoy to join the crew of his movie project Deathwatch, which was filming around the debut of Star Trek. Mrs. Hoffs accepted and that decision led her to change her career to film and video and in 1984 when it came time for The Bangles to film one of their first video, momma Hoffs was asked to direct her daughter's band video. For the shoot, Tamar Hoffs called in a favor and recruited Nimoy to play the chauffer in the video for Going Down To Liverpool.

The tune is not an original Bangles song as it was written by Kimberly Rew of Katrina and the Waves and appeared as the B side to Walking On Sunshine when it was a massive hit in 1985. The Bangles version from 1984 was only a minor hit in the UK and did not chart in America.

After moderate success with their first album, The Bangles exploded in 1986 when their Different Light album spawned four Top 10 hits including the No. 1 Walk Like An Egyptian. While The Bangles are still at it, all eight of their Top 40 hits were confined to the '80s. In 2014, The Bangles released a digital download album entitled Ladies and Gentlemen ... The Bangles! that is comprised of rare tracks, live recordings and other remastered songs.