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  1. Groundbreaking design shakes up motorcycle helmet industry


    BREA, Calif. — Bob Weber had a small but simple plan. He wanted to design a safer helmet for dirt bikers.

    Former pro dirt biker Bob Weber, with one of the motorcycle helmets produced by his Brea, Calif., company, 6D, set out to redesign helmets to protect riders from the concussions and brain injuries that can occur in lower-speed accidents.
  2. Top U.S. auto safety regulator says Chrysler to face sanctions


    WASHINGTON — The chief U.S. auto safety regulator says Fiat Chrysler will face sanctions for violating safety laws in multiple recalls.

  3. Fiat Chrysler sales up 8 percent, Ford up 2 percent, GM down 3 percent in June


    DETROIT — Sales of Fiat Chrysler cars and trucks rose 8 percent in June, Ford was up almost 2 percent and General Motors fell 3 percent, but the industry remains on track for its best year since 2005.

  4. The Daily Drivers: A look at a range of Rovers


    It doesn't seem like that long ago that Land Rovers were primarily viewed as sturdy off-roaders. How times have changed. Now, the company's vehicles are symbols of aspirational luxury where the "S" in SUV may as well stand for "status." But despite being well-mannered family haulers on the road, Rovers are still at home …

     Photo by Lyra Solochek, Tampa Bay Times
  5. My First Car: 56 Ford Fairlane, Kenneth Remming, 75, Clearwater


    '56 Ford Fairlane

    I learned to drive in this car that originally belonged to my father. It was a pale blue 1956 Ford Fairlane with 6 cylinders and a stick shift on the steering wheel column. I bought it from my father when I returned to Rochester, N.Y., from Korea in February 1960, and, a …

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