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Charli XCX, Bleachers cancel concert at Jannus Live

The story in a nutshell: Charli XCX and Bleachers are canceling the second leg of their fall co-headlining tour, including a Sept. 25 show at Jannus Live.

But Charli XCX and Bleachers' Jack Antanoff are two of the most visible and digitally loquacious musicians of the past year. As such, nothing in their world ever happens "in a nutshell."

So here's the long version.

Blame for the cancellation falls on Charli XCX, who wrote on Facebook that she was backing out of the tour for "personal reasons (including) the fact that I need to be creative." In other words: She's tired of the road and wants to get back to the studio.

"Sometimes touring really puts me in this isolated world where I feel down and sad but primarily I struggle to multitask and write songs at the same time which is what I need to feel OK. I never want to do a show where I just feel like I'm going through the motions. I want to perform and feel alive and like I want to be there and if I force myself to do this, I will not perform a great show for you."

Antanoff, meanwhile, took it in stride. While he wrote on Facebook that he is "deeply sorry and extremely disappointed that a decision as big as a cancellation is out of my hands," he still loves Charli -- "she's my friend and I respect her as a person and as an artist."

But he admitted her decision to back out "came as a bit of a shock to me," and said "my team and i have been scrambling to try and figure out a way to continue with the tour on our own, but it has been made clear that reworking the tour at this late stage without charli is not realistic. between refunding and re-ticketing and firuring out what to do with the venues there is just no way to make this work without it being sloppy."

All in all, both artists seem pretty apologetic. And Antonoff promised Florida fans that he's "working on something to get down to you guys sooner than later." So we'll see!

If you already bought tickets to the Jannus Live show, refunds are available at point of purchase. Click here for details.

-- Jay Cridlin