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Chris Christie: Jeb Bush shouldn't 're-litigate' Iraq war

Published Aug. 13, 2015

Chris Christie criticizied Jeb Bush's speech Tuesday on Iraq/ISIS, saying it was a mistake to "re-litigate the war."

"Listen, this should have been handled by Gov. Bush the same way it's been handled by any of the other candidates who understand how to do this, which is to say, listen, if we knew then what we know now, we wouldn't have gone into Iraq. Period. End of discussion. There's no reason to go back and try to re-litigate this," Christie told Laura Ingraham on Wednesday.

"It's bad decision making by Gov. Bush, but I'm not running his campaign. The fact is that, you look at what Hillary Clinton has been talking about and not talking about – unwilling to answer the Keystone Pipeline, now her server has been turned over to the FBI. Bernie Sanders is drawing 15-20,000 people because even the Democratic Party has figured out that she has no business being President of the United States. I think it's the wrong decision by Jeb to go and re-litigate the Iraq War, it makes no sense for us as a party. We know what the answer to that question is, we should just move on to the other issues that are of real concern. Like, how we're going to deal with ISIS, how we're going to deal with this Iran nuclear situation, which we should be talking about. That's another disaster Hillary Clinton endorses and supports with her benefactor Barack Obama.

Ingraham: I think the problem is, and I always say this is not personal, I like Jeb Bush personally, I think he's a good person, a patriot. But, his speech yesterday in Simi Valley, his conversation about foreign policy, because if Jeb Bush is the nominee, of course, that allows Hillary Clinton to turn this conversation because he is talking about ISIS, he is talking about these threats in the Middle East, to turn it into the Bush foreign policy versus the Clinton foreign policy. I think that's a disaster. I don't think that's going to be a winning dialogue for the Republicans, especially when you have a lot of the same people advising Bush, who advised his brother. We know what happened and we know how that all ended up with public opinion turning firmly against the Bush administration when he left office, 27%, it wasn't just the economy it was foreign policy.

Christie: Listen, I agree with you. It makes no sense for us to be re-litigating yesterday. Successful elections are always about tomorrow, they're about what we need to do to do deal with tomorrow'sproblems, to take advantage of tomorrow's opportunities. And, common sense will tell you that this is not a fight we want to have again. It's not a winning fight for us. And, we need to make sure that we're fighting on the ground, the American people care about. They want to see us creating jobs in this country and opportunity again for American workers. They want to see us using common sense in how we deal with our allies and our adversaries. None of this stuff is being talked about while other folks are standing around, like Jeb and others, talking about a war we started over ten years ago.