Clearwater council to choose charter review members

About 40 people have volunteered for the committee that will propose changes to the city charter
Published January 10

CLEARWATER — The City Council on Thursday will select 15 volunteers to do some of local government’s least sexy but consequential work of evaluating the City Charter for potential changes.

The city has received about 40 applications for the 2019 Charter Review Committee, a body that will meet twice a month through September to recommend changes to the Charter, according to City Clerk Rosemarie Call.

Call said typically each of the five council members select two individuals to serve while the remaining spots are filled by consensus.

The charter review committee is responsible for analyzing the entire charter for potential changes but also take guidance from the council on issues to explore. The prospect of the charter review committee evaluating the potential for council districts was raised last year by the strong mayor task force, a group that created an ordinance establishing a full-time executive mayor, which was defeated by voters in November.